Peacock is one of the most notable birds and most beautiful birds and we will call it the Royal bird. People mostly keep these birds in their homes due to their charming looks. They have gorgeous plumage with multiple colors when they expand, they attract everyone towards themselves. They usually eat different varieties of seeds, berries, insects, and certain kinds of worms and slugs. The life span of a Peacock is around 15 years in the zoo with proper care of them.

Today we will discuss the top 10 most beautiful peacock one by one.


Green Peacock is one of the most demanding and impressive of all time. They live in the forest and make their nest on the land, where they lay 3 to 6 eggs. Both sexes have a long upper tail, with the male’s extending up to 2 meters (6.6 ft). while female peacocks have much shorter wings, only covering the tail. The tail of the male peacock is decorated just like the eyespots, which look so great when they expand them. They eat different kinds of foods, such as reptiles, insects, ants, and certain types of leafy plants.


The Congo peacock is also known as an African peafowl. The male species is about 64–70 cm long. The feathers are deep blue with a metallic green and violet tinge. It has a bald neck, grey feet, and a black tail with fourteen feathers. while the female is a little bit shorter, measuring 60-63 centimeters in length, and is mostly brown with black abdomens and a metallic green back. The Congo peacock usually eats some fruits and certain types of insects in their daily routine.


The wild Palawan peacock is known for its beauty, and it is recognized as one of the most appealing peacocks in the world. The male peacock is usually about 20 inches tall, with an estimated normal weight is 21 ounces. On the other hand, females are a little different, with a height of 16 inches and an average weight of 18 ounces. The life span of this peacock is still unknown because it lives in the forest most of the time. They eat different kinds of insects, reptiles, centipedes, drupes, and certain types of plant leaves. The females lay two eggs, which made these species more vulnerable.


The most impressive and extraordinary breed of peacock on earth is the Great Argus Pheasant. The male pheasant is one of the largest among all peacocks, that 160–200 cm in length with a weight ranging from 2–2.7 kg. The male has very long tail feathers decorated with large eyespots, which look amazing when they spread them. On the other hand, females are smaller, have shorter tails, and have fewer eyespots. The length of females is 72–76 cm, and their weight is 1.60–1.70 kg. They eat different types of insects, reptiles, and the leaves of the plant.


The ocellated turkey is a kind of pheasant that is only found in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This species has a multicolored tail, which is a unique characteristic among all other peacocks. The height of this pheasant is average, ranging from 70-120 centimeters. The weight of the male is about 5 kg, while the female has 3kg. The heads of both genders are blue, which shows a resemblance to each other. In dangerous situations, they run away instead of flying due to their larger weight. The female lays 8 to 15 eggs, which are estimated to be average. The reproduction takes place in the winter season, in the month of February. 


The gray peacock is alluring a well-known for its beauty due to the presence of black eyespots on the feathers. It is a large pheasant that is 76 cm long, including its tail. The body is composed of a bushy crest, a yellow facial, white throat, and a grey iris. Both sexes are similar in color, but the major difference is their length, which is shorter than females’ and the color is much darker than males’. They usually eat plant leaves, termites, and some insects that are on the plant.


The Malaysian peacock pheasant is a medium size that belongs to the galliform family Phasianidae. The tail of this peacock is shorter as compared to other peacocks which are around 50 cm long of male while the female is about 40 cm with a tail of 20 cm long. The weight of this peacock is also very small and is about 600 to 700 grams only. The plumage of this peacock is pale brown with small black spots and bands all over the body. The color of the bill and legs of Malaysian peacocks are mostly blackish.


The Royal Palm Turkey is a very charming and unique pheasant with a white color structure that looks like a palm tree with black metallic bonds on its body. The wings are completely white with narrow edges that are composed of black feathers. The weight of the male peacock is estimated at an average of 16 to 22 pounds, while the female is smaller and weighs about 10 to 12 pounds.


The Bornean Peacock is one of the rarest pheasants among all peacocks. It’s a combination of multiple colors, such as luminous blue spots on the wings, and has a broad, fan-shaped tail. On the other hand, females is less attractive, with a warm brown color on their feathers and some dark spots on them. This peacock is a little bit shy, and they prefer to live in the forest most of the time. The male peacock is about 50 cm long, while the female is shorter.


Asian peacock is one most gorgeous peacocks, and people keep them in their homes as well as in zoos. The large parts of this peacock are blue with eyespots on its feathers. The life span of this peacock is around 10–25 years, depending upon the location and types of food provided to them. The size of the Asian peacock is much larger, ranging from 100-115 cm, and it has a weight of 4-6 kg. While a female peacock is about 90 cm long with an average weight of 3–4 kg.

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