Peacocks are known as heavenly birds. These birds are known for their beauty as they are known as royal birds. A huge family of birds often stays on the ground and involves jungle fowl pheasants, partridges, turkeys, and quail. This breed of bird is extensive and can be further separated into two categories. Today we talk about the 10 most beautiful peacocks of this family


  Green peacocks are one of the most beautiful peacocks. They’re a breed of people that are recognized from the forests of South Asia. They are known for their looks. They live in forests and make nests on land where they can lay about 6 eggs. The female birds are usually a 100-110 cm, while males are approximately 2-3 m in height. This green peacocks usually feed on almost anything such as mammals reptiles, leaves and small insects like ants. 


The Congo peacock also known as the African befell. It is a breed of gorgeous peacock local to the Congo Basin Congo peacock. The male peacock of this breed is about 64-70 cm and the female peacock is about 62-63 cm in length. The Congo peacock breed is an omnivore and feeds on anything typically including insects and plants . They’re quite attractive in terms of their appearance. 


The wild Palawan peacock pheasant is recognized as one of the most appealing peacocks in the world. They can only be identified in Palawan Island which is in the Philippines. The male peacocks are usually about 20 inches in height with an average weight of 21 ounces. While females are around 16 inches in height with an average weight of 18 ounces. The survival rate of this beautiful bird in the wild forests is still not known. It kept captured and taken care of they can survive for up to 15 years wild. Palawan peacocks feed on various kinds of insects, small reptiles, and leaves depending upon the area. These birds are very shy but can adapt themselves according to their surroundings. 


The great Argus pheasant is one of the most extraordinary breeds of Phasianidae in the world. The male where exhibited during reproduction intervals. Looks alluring and spectacular the female grade Argo’s pheasants are shorter and dull as compared to the male. These peacocks are large up to six and a half feet in length. They need a variety of diets which include mammals, insects and sometimes small reptiles. This pretty bird needs a big space to move around and a secure shelter in which they can reside.


Oscillated turkey to us elated turkey is a breed of bird that mainly lives in the Yucatan Peninsula. They are regarded as gorgeous peacocks and display several unique characteristics. The adult oscillated turkey is about 70 to 120 centimeters in height. The weight of the male is about 5kg while the female oscillated turkey is about 3kg. Both female and male have blue heads but these lovely peacocks always stand the ground. On the arrival of any danger they run instead of flying to escape the situation. Female oscillated turkeys rest about eight to fifteen eggs averagely. They prefer a warm and safe place for the sake of their eggs. The reproduction of Oscillated turkey starts in February. They love to eat insects such as insects that feed on plants and leaves.  


The grey peacock peasant is a very delightful peacock and is known worldwide for its beauty. They are large up to 76 cm they’re brownish grey with fine green spots on their eyes and a mix of yellow and pink stand skin. They feed on plants leaves and sects mammals and small reptiles. Grey peacock pheasants reside in dense forests with a lot of greenery.



The royal palm turkey is a very beautiful peacock breed of domestic turkey. Their look is very charming and unique with a white-colored structure and with a few black metallic bands on their body. The male peacocks usually weigh from 16 to 22 pounds and females weigh about 10 to 12 pounds. Their eggs are of red and black color which shows the wildness of this turkey.  


The Bornean peacock present is one of the most alluring. They’re not as famous and well-known at least among the family of pheasants. The Peacocks of this race are generally 15 cm long black and brown spotted. These peacocks are quite shy and prefer to stay in the forests roaming around in their peaceful surroundings. They also typically feed on insects reptiles plants and can eat small mammals. These beautiful peacocks are very distinct among their race before we reveal. 


Asian peacock Indian people at the top of this list are the Indian people the most gorgeous peacock representing the true colors of Asia. They are commonly blue. However their average lifespan is around 10-25 years. They belong to the breed that’s omnivores and feed on insects and plants. The Asian peacocks usually come in huge sizes. The average size for the male peacock varies from 100-115 cm weighing 4-6 kg. While female peacocks are about 90 cm with an average weight of 3-4 kg. Indian peacocks are very bright and colorful in their appearances the most attractive and pretty thing about them is their tail and their mate.

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