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Date : May 10, 2022
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Hen as a pet are always liked by many people all around the world. Farming of Desi Hen is very common. One of the main reason of chicks farming is the hens are halal in Islam.

Buy 100% Pure Desi Hen Chicks, We are providing Highest Quality , Healthy and Cute. Multicolor with Double dose Vaccination in best Price, FS Pet Zone concern for healthy birds Only, excellent feed conversions (Bajra , Vegetable Food) with no animal fats with any chemical feed  without Any Chronic injection .

Age 15 day to 20days

Minimum order 12 Pieces to get Home  Delivery

Price: 90 RS per Piece

Minimum order for Delivery: 12 Pieces.

Contact Details: 03255515146

Now We are Providing Vaccinated Pets  on Your Door Steps


They are everywhere. Their meteoric rise in number over time makes them 70% of all birds alive right now on Earth, 23 billion or so, all born for their meat, or the eggs they produce. Together with turkeys, they are 99% of all land animals slaughtered for food in the United States, with an estimated 55 billion killed worldwide yearly. That is 5,400,000 every hour or around 1,500 every second. So, what prompted humans to produce and kill so many chickens? Did you know they are a lot smarter than we think and have the ability to dream like humans? Do you know how the chickens we consume are raised and treated? Time is over for egg-schuss. The truth is no yolk; let’s find out now. Chickens (Gallus domestics) are domestic birds that cannot fly. There are over 150 different breeds that come in various colors, patterns, and sizes. Let’s not get into what came first – the chicken or egg; let’s start by looking at the amazing way a chick develops and is born from an egg….It takes 24 to 26 hours for a hen to construct an egg. Once a yolk is fully developed, it is released from the ovary into the oviduct, which is made up of five different sections. The first stop is the infundibulum, which, in addition to being fun to say, is a short, muscular portion of the oviduct which engulfs the ovum, or yolk, that is released from the ovary. The ovum remains in the infundibulum for 15 to 18 minutes, and it is here where fertilization would occur if the hen mated with a rooster. However, eggs sold for human consumption are not fertilized. The next stage occurs in the magnum, the largest section of the oviduct at 13 inches long. The yolk stays in the magnum for 3 hours while the albumen, or “egg white,” is added. The third stop is the isthmus, where the inner and outer shell membranes are added over a period of 75 minutes. The longest stage of egg production occurs in the shell gland or uterus. This is where the shell is deposited around the egg, which takes 20 plus hours. Hence, cage-free and free-range are in no way better welfare standards for chickens. The meat and egg industries inflict incredible cruelty on these intelligent and emotional animals, but you can do something to help. The best way to prevent chickens from suffering is simply to not eat them or their eggs. By not supporting these industries you can starting saving lives right now..

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