Cocktail parrot(Pearl Cockatiel)




Type : Sell
Date : May 5, 2022
Location : Shop No # 3/4 Al-Noor plaza Korang Town Extension Near Eden Marquee

Cocktail parrot

Just like any animal cockatiel parrot can tell you much  about what is going on with their body movement  ‘  when your bird is mad at you or when he’s happy  watching for certain body movements can help  notice tail wagging birds do whack their tails  just like other pets the bird will wag it back  and forth generally this gesture means the bird  is happy see if he walks towards you if you’re  nearby and he comes to you that’s a sign he’s  happy you’re there however he’s only happy if his  head is up as he walks to you rather than pointing  face down listen for noise while generally  not a gesture cockatiels like to talk when  they are happy they will sing to themselves or  whistle they’ll also make little chirping noises  watching for signs of aggression pay attention  to flashing or dilating pupils if the cockatiel’s  eyes suddenly dilate that could be a sign  he’s getting mad stop what you’re doing  if you see this warning sign look at his head  and feathers when he’s really angry he may put  his head down he may also ruffle up his feathers  and fan his tail feathers if he starts walking  towards you in this position he really wants you  out of the way see if he flips upside down this stance paired with spread wings is usually a sign  he’s trying to defend his territory it’s probably   time to back away if he’s making this stance while  you’re near the cage watch for snapping cockatiels  will lunge at you if they are about to bite they  may also snap in your direction with their beak  you should leave him alone for a bit if he’s  trying to snap at you listen for hissing while   hissing is not a gesture it does go hand in hand  with other aggressive behavior such as lunging if  you hear your cockatiel hiss he may be about to  bite notice wing flapping when the bird makes an  expansive gesture with his wings and moves them up  and down it’s usually a sign he’s mad or annoyed  try to leave him alone for a bit if you’ve been  bothering him checking for attention seeking  behaviors look for beak banging some cockatiels  usually males will bang their beaks against things   such as countertops and cages the idea is  to be noticed usually by whatever or whoever  has become their love interest cockatiels can  fall in love with objects their own reflection   other birds and even you he may also  whistle or lean towards the person or item  watch for hopping hopping is similar to  beak banging he’s looking for attention  

Cocktail parrot

Price: 6500 Pair

Contact Details: 03255515146

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Shop No # 3/4 Al-Noor plaza Korang Town Extension Near Eden Marquee


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