Ringneck Parrot (blue & white cross)




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Date : April 30, 2022
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Ringneck Parrot

Ringneck parakeet also known as roaring parakeet or Indian ring neck They are beautiful naughty and entertaining parrot

Indian ring neck parakeets are sensitive birds that need lots of play time and time out of the cage to remain happy. Their

average lifespan is between 20 and 30 years but some have been known to live longer into their 40s or a good 50 years old and they’re our size from head to tail is about 14 to 17 inches long with half of it being their tail look at her tail it’s really long love and beautiful

and their average weight is between 115 grams and 140 grams and their wingspan is really long it’s about 7 inches long so like 14 inch wingspan when they got to both wings out at the same time the original color of the ring necks are green so in the wild you’ll only see

green ringnecks and has in the pet trade the pet breeders have bred many many colours many mutations such as real and as blue such as the blues different shades of blues there’s also great violet PI’s different shades of green like olive there’s a white which is

albino and there is different shades of yellow Latinos and buttercup yellow all different colours they’re breeders have produced but mainly the greens are seen in the wild now real it’s a female redneck but she does have a little ring around her put her closer hope she won’t fly away because when she had food in her mouth see the peanut and she likes to fly away and eat it but she’s just sitting on me right now so you could see a slight ring it’s light blue and the males have a dark ring around their neck like a black one and then they have pink click on the Neath this is black and pink but not all mutations you will be able to see the black ring but usually the males will start develop their ring at about 18 months anywhere from 18 months to 3 years so the males they’re mature at 3 years where the females mature at 2 years of age and another way you can tell the gender of your ring neck if you want to know what the gender is when they’re young you can try putting them in front of a mirror or if you have another ringneck they will display and the females they put their head back and they’ll do it like a cocking sound like she does and the males they’ll put their wings up it’ll look like a shape of a heart and they will do a dance so the males

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