When we think about birds, we have a pretty much clear idea of what these animals look like. They have feathers, most of them can fly, they build nests and they have beaks. Some of them are very similar to one another but others are outstanding. They have colorful feathers or long and extravagant beaks. Some birds are just so beautiful that we had to write a blog to honor them. Today we’ll be looking at a few of the most unique birds in the World. Check out all these birds, and get ready to see one of the most unique flying animals in the world as you make it to the top of the list. You might find some surprising birds.


The bird that you are seeing is the long wattle umbrella bird and it is an exotic bird that you can mostly find in some of the tropical fours from the southwestern part of Columbia down to a province in Ecuador called El Oro. Their name long wattle comes from the wattle of feathers along their long throats which is very evident in males.

This wattle hangs down 42 centimeters from the center of their chest and it inflates during courtship rituals

But what’s even more interesting is the fact that they can control their feature and retract it during their flights. They are frugivores which means that they love to eat fruits.


Kakapo is also known as the owl Parrot.

How many earthbound birds can you name? We can think of a few and here’s another one to add to that list. Even though it doesn’t seem like the Kakapo is a ground-dwelling flightless bird currently in danger of extinction. As we only literally have a hundred and twenty-five of them left in the World. Due to the colonization of New Zealand which is the country where these birds are from. Before we go on blaming it all on humans, let me also point out that these birds only reproduce around 3 times per decade. So yeah it may be our fault but it’s also a natural point of the way. To save the breed there’s a special program established in New Zealand called the Kakapo recovery program in which they can track each Kakapo and find ways to help their population grow, remain with us, and keep them safe from predators. The Inca couple is kept on the safe islands of anchor and con fish and there’s also a small group of them on an island called a little barrier after all it seems like they’re in good hands and we hope it stays that way.


The king vultures are usually the kind of bird that no one is interested in. When you see them represented in media they’re the kind of bird that’s waiting for helpless animal to die so they can eat. However, if you look at the king vulture the case might be a bit different. Yes! they’re birds of prey just like all the other vultures. But these have a very unique appearance that makes them stand out among their relatives.

 Their feathers are white with some grey and black along their tail but the most impressive thing is their colorful head the head can be anything between blue purple red orange and yellow.

They are new world birds which means that they are native to the American continent. So you can find them in the tropical lowlands of Central and South America. As they played an important role in the ancient civilizations of the area as they are one of the most portrayed birds in the Maya codices which are writing that date back to the time when the Spaniards had not colonized the lands yet. 


Temminck’s tragopan is a medium-sized bird part of the pheasants near the Himalayan region.

The female is a beautiful brown bird with white spots all over its body and blue circular eye skin but the most outstanding.

The other is the male species with its stocky body covered in crimson and orange feathers. As white spots and blue facial hair in addition to horns in a unique dark blue lepay their name commemorates.

 The studies of a Dutch naturalist named Cohen rad Jacob timing is one out of dozens of animals that were named after him in the 1900s. These birds tend to be lonely shy and as opposed to other birds in their group. Temminck’s Tragopan pans like to nest in trees they can live in altitudes as high as 4,600 meters. They’re quite friendly towards humans. Their diet includes fruits, seed buds, and sprouts supplemented by some insects from time to time.

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